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Soyuz TM

The VSM: Soyuz and Progress

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Original Soyuz
(Soyuz-1 - Soyuz-9)
Salyut's Soyuz
Soyuz ferry
(Soyuz-12 - 40
except 16,19)
ASTP Soyuz
Soyuz T
(Soyuz T-1 - 15)
Soyuz TM

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Progress Progress M
Soyuz instruments panel
(clickable map)
clickable map

Interior of Soyuz-T trainer
photo photo

photo Soyuz's MIK - montazhno-ispytatelniy korpus - assembly and testing building.

Left to right: launch vehicle, 2 cosmonauts in spacesuits, Soyuz spacecraft (inside a yellow framework),
shroud (a big white object)

Dobrovolsky, Volkov and Patsaev
in Soyuz trainer
Soyuz-19 descending with a parachute

Soyuz-T after landing
Soyuz descent vehicle evacuation

photo photo photo photo