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The VSM: Salyut, Almaz, TKS

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Salyut-3/5 (Almaz)
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Salyut-6/7 with
Soyuz TM and Progress

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link to VRML TKS - Transportnyi Korabl Snabzheniya
(Logisics Transport Spacecraft)
link to VRML TKS return capsule, also known as Merkur

Proton with Salyut-2

Inside Salyut-6
photo      photo

photo Salyut-6 trainer
Central control post.
Hatch to the transfer compartment is also visible.
Note: left part of the control panel is an exact copy of Soyuz panel.
photo Salyut-6 trainer
Backward view from the very front of working compartment.
Extendable shower (see below) is seen in upper left corner.

photo Chibis LBNP system

photo Extendable shower