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The VSM: Author's photos

These images have been photographed in NPO Lavochkina museum, Moskva kosmicheskaya exhibition, Memorial Museum of Cosmonautics, Orevo museum, Moscow Aviation Institute laboratory, Polytechnical museum.
My sincere thanks to those who helped me to get there:
Harry N. Rogovskiy, NPO Lavochkina
Dmitry B. Paison, Moscow Aviation Institute
Victoria Mayorova, Youth Space Center

Luna-1 Luna-9 bus Luna-9 lander Luna-9 lander Luna-13 lander Luna-13 lander Luna-10 Moon satellite

Luna-16,20,24 return capsules Lunar return capsule Luna-16 drill Luna-16 drill cutaway Luna-16 drill base

Lunokhod-2 patch Le Monnier crater Lunokhod crew Lunokhod-3 Lunokhod-3 Lunokhod-3

Luna-17 Luna-17/21 closeup Luna-17/21 ramp Luna-17/21 top view Luna-17/21 bottom view

Sputnik-2 Vostok cabin Vostok cabin Vostok cutaway Vostok panel Voskhod-2 airlock

lunar surface maket from LK trainer LK landing leg shock absorber Block D LK engine Krechet detail Krechet lunar suit Krechet detail

Krechet detail Soyuz seat Soyuz WC Pingvin exercise suit Chibis LBNP suit

APAS-75 Raduga return capsule Raduga return capsule Luch Luch

Venera-1 Venera-3..-7 descent module Venera-8 lander Venera-8 lander

VEGA TV platform Venera-2..-7 engine Venera-2..-7 engine Block L, rear Block L, top explosive bolts

VEGA lander VEGA lander VEGA lander VEGA lander VEGA lander Vega baloon probe soil sampler of Venera-13

Mars/Venera engine Mars/Venera bus core Mars/Venera bus core Mars-3 lander Mars-3 lander Mars-3 lander Mars-3 lander

Phobos Phobos Phobos