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The VSM: Baykonur

Soyuz launch pad

View from a tower
View from a big opening
in the launch table
link to VRML

Energia-Buran launch pad

link to VRML One of 2 Energia-Buran launch pads converted from N-1.
There is also one more Energia launch pad called Versatile Stand-Start Complex.

scheme This sceme illustrates what remains from N-1 programme and what was built for Energia-Buran. The giant N-1 tower still exists. Moreover, it looks like most photos of Buran on the launch pad were shot from this tower.

Energia Versatile Stand-Start Complex

link to VRML

N-1 launch pad

link to VRML One of 2 N-1 launch pads.
N-1 pads were later converted for Energia-Buran program.

Proton launch pad

link to VRML Proton launch pad.
Mobile tower is moved away from the rocket.